Monday, July 16, 2012

NetBeans IDE 7.2 Released

NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE 7.2 FCS was approved by the NetBeans Community and will be released soon.

NetBeans Community Approves NetBeans IDE 7.2 for Release

I again was lead on the GUI Builder tribe and we saw that the GUI Builder was production ready. We thoroughtly tested across 3 versions of Windows, Ubuntu Linux and MAC OS. We found a few bugs. Some new minor bugs were introduced with the new gaps visualization feature, but those were quickley fixed. Some other uncommon GUI Builder bugs that we found last year for release 7.1 were fixed.

I thoroughly tested the Java code refactoring methods and found several bugs that were fixed.

I reopened some of the old bugs that were closed due to lack of resources. These referred to errors while moving lines and blocks of code and were promptly fixed for the new release.

Release 7.2 has a new project scanning routine that works in the background and facilitates the use of the IDE while project scanning is occurring.  There are many other enhancements made that can be read about here:

NetBeans 72 NewAndNoteworthy

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